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On today’s article, we will be discussing on backgrounder.

Meaning of backgrounder.

What is backgrounder?

Informations in a backgrounder? Why a backgrounder?

Importance of a backgrounder,

How to write a backgrounder.

We will go to a large extent of explaining on the term backgrounder.


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What is a backgrounder?
Backgrounders: meaning and how to write one (1)


A backgrounder is a digital skill in which you can use to make money online. It is a highly demanded skill on the internet today.

A backgrounder is simply a kind of document or piece that is used to provide information which is often provided with a press release.

It can also be provided with a press advisory or as part of a larger media kit and is released.


In order words, a backgrounder is simply an official briefing, article or document that gives background information. That is information from the beginning.

It gives a vivid information or narration from the background. This can be partaining to an issue, a person,and event, interest, scene or narrative or even a launch being given to the press or other interested bodies.

Writing a backgrounder is a digital skill that is worth learning because of its demand. It is expected many freelance writers and PR writers should know how to write a backgrounder.

The backgrounder is very vital and important to the journalist or media  outlet as it provides more information to them in a pleasing readability format.



A backgrounder is a brief article that gives a summarize an issue or company for the press and media.

It is one of the current common press materials that a content or freelance writer or PR writer may be asked to provide.


Often, abackgrounder is usually provided with press releases or other brief press pieces.

The major purpose of a backgrounder is to give a short history of an issue or an event that is above and beyond the information provided in a press release or press advisory.


Actually, the media personnel and press writers are usually busy. The backgrounder helps I  parsing out information for them.

You want them to have the facts and ideas about your story without having to do much research.

The backgrounder is also another separate, discrete piece of information that you, as a writer, can release to the press. So, you have to make it good, clear and simple.



A backgrounder, which is also known as a “fact sheet,” is also a brief document that provides detailed information about a business. It is mostly being distributed to journalists to accompany a press release or as part of a larger media kit.


In this article, we shall further discuss five tips for writing a good backgrounder. These tips will guide you through writing a very good and informative backgrounder.


  1. Follow an outline with clear pattern so that your backgrounder is clearly structured.


  1. Arrange your backgrounder to fit the situation at hand.



  1. Use a formal and professional tone.


  1. Be specific in your details, not just a general outline.



  1. Always Proofread your Written backgrounder before sending it out.


To learn how to apply these tips read more on the next sub heading below.



Tips that will guide you


  1. Structure Your Backgrounder

Make sure that you structure your backgrounder very well. Some common features and elements of a company backgrounder include:


Introduction –  This is a paragraph summarizing what the business does.

Company history – The company history is a section about when, how, and why the company was founded. This might further include information on the company’s founder and other notable figures in its history and the running of the company, if applicable.

Mission statement – This is a section on the company’s goals and values.

Awards and achievements – The awards and achievements session is the list of any awards the company has received, milestones achieved, and notable quotations or mentions of the company in the press.

For a clean article, give each section a relevant subheading (e.g., “Company History,” “Moving Forward”).

The Journalists can then skim-read the document for the information they are after.


This basic structural pattern will work for a generic backgrounder for use in a media kit or as a template for individual documents. However, a really good backgrounder will have it’s point of view and major concentration to the situation at hand.

We are going to look at how to do this next.


  1. Tailor Your Backgrounder

Yes you read that, tailor your backgrounder.

This is important because, while most backgrounders will include the above listed features and elements, a good company backgrounder will also be tailored for its intended purpose or reason.


This is usually common when writing a backgrounder to accompany a press release. For instance, imagine you work for a clothing or a sportswear company.

A generic backgrounder would likely cover the company history in broad terms, mentioning various product lines related to various clothing on sports.

For example, you will get something like this,


Athletic Co. is a sporting goods company founded in Boston in the year 1928. They started selling training gear, from running shoes to skiing goggles, to Bostonians, quicky gaining a reputation and award for quality products and unbeatable service.


But if on the other hand you were preparing a press release about a new line of swimming goggles, this broad scope wouldn’t be helpful.

Instead, you’d want to focus on the details that are most relevant to the product you’re Marketing or advertising to sell.

Let’s take an example for instance,


Athletic Co. is a sporting goods company founded in Boston in the year 1928. From the very beginning, they have sold only the best swimwear globally, gaining a reputation for quality and reliability among leisure swimmers and serious athletes alike.


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Having know what is a backgrounder, that is, what a backgrounder is.

Writing a BACKGROUNDER is however simple if you follow the laid down steps and procedures.

A BACKGROUNDER must first begin with an introduction, usually short but pointing straight to the topic at hand. After which sub sections or sub headings are provided with additional information to be provided to the media.

After providing these sub sections or sub headings, you then fill in the correct information to be provided.

Ensure you write the backgrounder according to AP style since your document is majorly aimed at media documentation and you are writing for busy professionals.

Make use of short sub headings and easy for reference. You may interview your client or other members of the bodies while making your research and eenquiries

Ensure you indicate the source of your  outside research within the backgrounder. This is because the media or journalists will often want to follow-up and verify your information vividly.

Ensure you edit the backgrounder to meet the taste of your target media.

In all, ensure that your backgrounder is very short because backgrounders are usually short and not too long.

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A BACKGROUNDER usually starts with sessions. These sessions will have to start with introduction or history of the event, action, scene or story being discussed with enough data and statistics.

It can also include the name or description of person’s present at the scene.

Further more, there should be a direct statements about why the event or issue is applicable including the data (population or geographical data related to the issue) .

The narrative should be presented in a simple but vivid pattern including all the required fields.



Using a backgrounder is quit easy. It can be used as part of a Media kit. This can be stored in the web page of an organization or it can be given out in hard copy by the press.

Hence, it is expected to do well and look nice in print and electronically to both the press and the public.

Backgrounders are often provided with other documents or articles as a component part of a press or a Media kit.

They are used in many different ways such as a way of introduction of an event, a plan, a new company or organization, touch base for talking point or even to introduce an issue or event to the media.

They are also used in conjunction with special press events.

This includes; rallies, programs, public awareness or press conferences.

These are basically the use of a backgrounder.


However, in writing a BACKGROUNDER, it has a template. There are few BACKGROUNDER templates. It depends on the demand of the media or organization that you are writing or requesting from

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Company BACKGROUNDER is another example of a BACKGROUNDER.

It is written for or by a company.

That’s it just like the name indicates, a BACKGROUNDER for company or companies and organizations.

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This aspect has been explained earlier but for more explanation ass demonstrated in the below and above sample backgrounder, the main components of the piece are;

the leading summary of the story

the history of the issue

the summary of the current action being taken—that is, what makes the story current and important now—

and some illustrative stories, which can be useful to journalists when crafting the story or report.

These are usually included in the backgrounder as opposed to the advisory or press release because the release and advisory are necessarily short and to the point.



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What is a backgrounder?

A BACKGROUNDER is simply a narrative with clear understanding. It has to do with the root and history of an event, action, person or activity.

There are other terms or terminologies that can often be used to refer to a backgrounder.

Let’s take this example;  they may be combined with or confused with a fact sheet or document.  They are most often used as part of a larger media kit.

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