Welcome dear readers to this business article on vital skills for running a business.

 in this article, we will be discussing on skills for growing a business. This skills are used both in the starting stage of the business and even when it becomes a big business.

Do you know that many businnesses and Entrepreneurs have failed as a result of lack of these skills? Do you know that lack of this skills is bringing down many business today? Infact lack of this skills is the way to doom in business.

Have you ever compared two Entrepreneurs or two businesses in the same line of business together? Have you ever asked why Mr. AB is selling more than Mr. BA. Or have you ever wondered why Mr. BA hadly sells much unlike Mr.AB even when they are located in the same location.

I guess you should have compared two business together and discovered that one is winning the other in terms of sales and profits.

It’s not just all about starting a business, these skills are highly required as they will determine whether or not you are going to succeed in the business.

These are the vital skills, the most important skills that irrespective of the kind of business you are into or the location of your business whether online or offline you still need them. Whether in a local setting or in a developed and standard setting you still need these skills and you definitely can’t work without them. They are vital skills needed for running a business, any kind of business at all.

You must key into these skills and use them in the day to day running of your business. These 5 vital skills in running a business will enable you to succeed and Excel in your business.

If you have a business online or offline and have seeked ways you can grow the business then this post is for you

Countless times Starting the journey isn’t always the biggest challenge, the monster appears when we’ve began


Low salses in business,C management stress visits coupled with lots of emotional and physical stress that makes the journey difficult and bitter for us.

That is when you see the real battle in business.

“But I thought if I start the business I’ll be making money, what’s wrong naa?”

A lady asked

Well, I’ll do the pleasure of presenting this horrible truth you’ve decided not to face

“Building is one thing, maintenance is another… You’ve built so now you need maintenance”

With that point cleared, take a deep breath

No honestly, take a deep breathe I know you didn’t



We will briefly discuss five vital skills needed for running a business and to grow a business.

Remember these skills are inevitable if you must succeed in any business. And these 5 vital skills for running a business are;


1. Sales skills

2. Marketing skills

3. Customer management skills

4. Psychological skills

5. Patience and tolerance


These are the five vital skills for running a business, any kind of business at all.

We will briefly discuss them for better understanding.



Sales skill is the number one on the list because, it is the skill used in the day-to-day running of the business. This skill equips you with the right words and actions required to make someone p a y for your product.


This skill tells how far you are able to present your business in a way that will attract the audience to you.

Sales skill: A vital skill for running a business
You need a strategic sales skill for the day-to-day running of your business and to be able to maximize profit.


The fact is that there are lots of Customers and consumers out their looking for you, but the way you package and organize your brand will determine if they will come for yours or that of your competitors.

 This sales skills also covers the knowledge of customers objection and provide you with enough sugar to keep the ants coming.


With this skill, you know what your customers like and the best way to keep them coming to yours.


This skill can either be in form of digital marketing or offline Marketing. Marketing skills also determine how far your business will go. It determines the level of knowledge that the public will have about your business. It determines if your business will be popular or just a local one without much people being aware of it.


This skill equips you with the knowledge of how you can use the internet and social medias to sell more. Your ability to use this skill will determine the extent that you will get to in your business. It all depends on you and your ability.

Marketing skill: A vital skill for running a business
Your Marketing skill will enable you attract people to your business. This also includes your brand and packaging

As someone in a digital business, 90% of your customers are online so you need to know how to bring your Market to their News feed Professionally. You device means that will enable you reach to them.

And also, package your brand in an attractive manner. Advertise in a persuasive and compelling manner with irresistible offers that will force them coming your way.

Try to device new Marketing skills better than the ones you have been using and the ones that others on the same line of business are also using and get your free ticket to the mountain top in your business.




Remember, in your business you are after your customers. Your customers are your first focus and area of concentration. This is because, the growth of your business and how far you will go depends on your customers. How many customers do you have? How often do your customers come? Do you always get new customers or just the old ones? Or perhaps you are even loosing most of the old customers you are having?

Or how will you grow without managing what already exists?

For you to grow and get more customers, you must manage the ones that are coming very well so that you wouldn’t loose them soon.

The fact that you are having few customers at the moment does not actually matter a lot, even just 5 customers can give you 150 customers if managed properly.


One thing business owners lack is the ability to know what customers want and want consumers like. Consumers are selective, if they come to you and you don’t treat them well they will freely go to your competitors and may only come to you when others don’t have and you are the last source.

So for you to get more customers coming, you must keep the ones you have by satisfying them and using good language.

This involves follow ups, learning to cool your temper and understand that cudtomers are always right and sometimes even losing to ensure they are fully satisfied.

Yes you can loose sometimes (though not at all times) to ensure that they are satisfied.

Infact, do you know that customers can advertise you more than you do. How?

They go about telling their friends about you and how you attend to your customers. So if you have good customer management skills then that way, they have advertised you in a way that will bring more customers.

Don’t forget, consumers or customers go about telling each other about different sellers and compare them to know who is better and whom the always but from. So learn your customers management skills very well.


4. PSYCHOLOGICAL SKILLS (growth strategic ideas) –

Psychological skills has to do with your way of reasoning in relation to the way you act.

Your psychological skills will determine if your business will beat that of your competitors. Yes this is a skill that will determine if you will grow in your business or you will remain stagnant and even fall.

Wrong mindset; Shocking reason why people do not succeed in online business
Your mindset is a very vital skill to determine whether or not you will succeed in online business.
So get a positive mindset and attitude.

Now, psychological skills talks about your way of reasoning. Your ability to bring out new ideas that will help you sell and expand.

Psychological skills determines if you will expand more than your competitors or not.

Now, this is how this skill works.

While selling, you observe the methods and Strategies that your competitors are using to sell. Then you watch the strategy that you are also using to sell. You then evaluate the both of them very well. Compare and contrast them. Then you think deeply and make research to bring up another ideas that will be better than both ideas; yours and that of your competitors.

You must ensure that the new idea is strategic enough to persuade Customers come your way.

That is how this psychological skills works.

It goes goes further to how you package your business, name or brand. Before even choosing a name for your business, you must have done research and with deep thoughts and calculation come out with a matching name. A name that matches and explain you and your business.


I know someone might say that this is not a skill. Or you might be wondering that this is not a skill. Right?

Anyway, this is a great determinat if you will succeed during hard times in your business.


Patience has to do with the ability to endure long. Waiting without quitting especially during hard moments in business. Moments when it seems as if your business will fall down soon.

Patient is the content to wait if necessary. And in every business there must be a time to wait. A time of not giving up amidst the challenges and discouragements with whether or not to continue.

 Patience is the ability of not losing one’s temper while waiting. Avoiding transfer of aggression. Avoiding using bad language on your customers as a result of the fact that your business is falling and is even about dieing finally.

 Patience is not bothered with having to wait, not unwilling to wait but always ready to wait and strive.

Patient goes with striving. When you discover that your business is not growing, you don’t just quit but you bring in this skill of patient. Bring up ideas that will enable you grow.

Patient also goes with your customers interaction and dealings. Always be patient with your customers irrespective of how they behave or act. Try to be patient with them so as not to loose them.


These are five vital skills for growing a business. If you must grow in your business, then you must read this article again and apply the skills in your business and watch it grow and flourish.

Running a business is not easy in any way but with these skills, you will be able to grow your business to a standard that will satisfy you beyond your expectations.

Don’t forget to always dream big, aim big and have high expectations in your business.

Apply these 5 vital skills needed for running a business and watch yourself go beyond your expectations and imaginations.


Thanks for reading.

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