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Top 10 Places to Buy Plants Online in India

Houseplants can instantly add life and interest to your indoor spaces, whether you are looking to brighten up a bookcase, desk, or bedroom corner. It’s easy to order indoor plants online. You don’t have to go to a nursery that may only stock a small selection or drag it around in your car.

You don’t have to be skeptical about buying a live thing online. Online houseplant sellers use innovative packaging and shipping methods to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition, ready to flourish in your home. Many retailers offer warranties and instructions on how to care for your plant. Even if you don’t have a green thumb or are a novice houseplant owner, you can still care for your plant.

We have compiled a list of the top online nurseries and gifting plants to help you start your horticultural career. We have reviewed the top online nurseries and selected the ones with the most variety.

1. Nursery Alive

Nursery Alive is an online nursery that has been in operation since 2014. It has grown to be the most popular and trusted online plant nursery, with a large customer base. The variety of plants available at this online nursery has made it famous. Nursery Live allows you to shop for aquatic plants, avenue trees, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, orchids, and many other plants. They offer over 5000 products, including plants, seeds, and tools.

2. Ugaoo

Ugaoo is the perfect choice for plant-alcoholics and people just starting to garden. Ugaoo offers a wide range of exotic and low-maintenance plants. They have a variety of sizes, from smaller plants to larger ones, as well as great pots and planters to complement them.

3. Leafy Lifestyle

Leafy Lifestyle offers a large selection of pots and planters that are attractive and colorful, as well as a variety of seeds, bulbs, and other items. Leafy Lifestyle has rare species such as the golden pothos, lucky bamboo, hybrid money, golden pothos, and ajwain-green leaf plant.

Their plants are all grown in their nursery under expert supervision. They ship to you in excellent tube packaging, ensuring safety for your plant babies, and are entirely biodegradable.

4. FernsNpetals

Fnp, your local Phoolwalla, also offers plant delivery. Their promise of same-day delivery is fantastic! They have plants available for special occasions and plants withthemed themes. Delivery is possible in all major cities. The bonsai plants that bring good fortune are our favorite.

5. Mybageecha.Com

Mybageecha offers some unique varieties of plants. Check out their herbs or cactus sections, as there are many options. The succulents were our favorite section. You might also want to look at their terrarium kits and accessories. These are very affordable. They are worth a look.

6. Green Décor

Green Decor is the best online place to purchase quality indoor and outdoor plants starting from INR 200. They have many options, including succulents, climbers, bonsai, and herbs. They also offer Diwali gifting plants, which are a great option. Green Decor also offers a variety of horticultural corporate gifting options, including some unique gifting hampers.

7. The Plant Guru

Plants Guru, a relatively new company in the market, aims to compete with the rest by selling indoor and outdoor plants reasonably. Their collection includes regular and exotic plants, starting at INR 229. You will find every type of plant available. From rubber plant varieties to fiddle-leaf floor plants, there are plenty. They also offer garden decor, pots, and plants, as well as a variety of care products.

8. The Plant Store

Theplantstore was established in 2020. They have increased their product range to more than 2000+ plants in just over a year. This includes succulents, flowering and fruit plants, medicinal and aromatic plants, aquatic plants, and many others.

Every order above INR 399 is eligible for free shipping. You also get lifetime botanist support. They start at INR 150, which is a great price.

9. Flower Aura

Flower Aura is not only known for flower delivery, but they also deliver plants right to your doorstep. Flower Aura delivers plants directly to your door, and we love the pink moon cactus they have (way too beautiful!)

10. Paudhshala

Paudhshala, a nursery in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand, is the best place to buy medicinal and forestry plants online. The nursery’s location is advantageous, as it can grow many exotic species such as the Acacia Mangium Plant and Bombax Ceiba Semal Plant. They offer 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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