Even though you are new to writing or you are very good at writing, this is for you to become a professional.


Strategic tips to become a better writer just needs few principles.


Do you have the skill of writing? Or have you ever wished to become a writer? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Or maybe you wish to write your own book or bring out ideas for people to read and gain Knowledge. But you just don’t know how.

Or maybe you have been searching on the internet for how to become a better writer? How to make money as a writer? How to improve on your writing skill? How to write books? How to improve to a better writer? How to write good contents? Steps to becoming a better writer? Steps to write a good looking book? How to write a backgrounder

Worry no more, all these and many more related questions will be answered and discussed in this article; Strategic tips to become a better writer

Actually, becoming a writer is no big deal. It is not actually hard. It’s just as easy as you can’t even imagine following the principles we will give to you in this article.

Writing is a very lucrative skill. This is because there are a lot of job opportunities in different fields for writers. Almost every business has a vacancy for  writers. As a writer you are open to a lot of writing jobs.

Some of the areas or online jobs opportunities that a writer can work on or work as are;

  1. Content creation
  2. Copywriting
  3. Blogging
  4. Freelancing
  5. Online surveys
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Advertising
  8. Social Media ads
  9. Ebook creation
  10. Amazon KDP
  11. Online tutor
  12. Translating
  13. Data entry
  14. Voice to text
  15. Branding
  16. Business plan drafting


And many others, just mentioned some of them. Imagine all these and many more writing opportunities for a writer, this automatically means that once you become a good writer, you don’t have to go broke or bankrupt again since there are lots of earning opportunities awaiting you.



Recall how I started when I didn’t have these Strategic tips to become a better writer.

I remember when I was struggling online looking for how to make money. Then I saw posts about blogging, freelancing, online surveys and some others. And these jobs require someone who is very good at writing for him or her to Excel in it. I remembered how good I am in the class back then, how I am able to compose long narratives, give detailed explanations even in a narrative or expository manner during examinations. So I immediately thought of it and said to myself; if I could use this Writing skill very well, there are just too many opportunities for me to monetize it.

Then I had to start reading books and articles on this. I did intense studying until I was sure I can start and keep learning as I progress.

Then I joined some online survey sites, after which I created my own blog. And the most shocking part of it is that I even borrowed money then just to create my own blog. Sounds funny right?

Yeah but not funny!

I begged a brother online who did it for me and that was how I entered into the Writing business then. And I can tell you that just with Writings, you can make a lot of money more than many business and Entrepreneurs out there.

The writing skill today is the highest demanded skill in the internet today. In every social media platform, writers are just highly needed. You too can be one, it all depends on your seriousness and dedication.

A lot of people have made it today and many are still making it just by Writing, monetizing their Writing skills.

So sad that some people have this Writing skill but their problem is how to become a better writer and make money with this skill. Some others too are not too good at writing but seeing the too many dreams of income for writers, they too wish that they could become writers but just can’t as a result of lack of the skill and lack of training on how to become a writer and not just a writer but how to become a better writer.

Writing quote: strategic tips to become a better writer
It’s obvious that you can’t be a good writer without first becoming a good thinker

We will be discussing this in this article




Strategic tips to become a better writer
A step by step guide on the strategic tips to become a better writer

Becoming a writer and not just a writer but a good writer is not easy. It needs steps or procedures.

There are steps required to become a better writer and there are principles involved which must be honoured in order to become a better writer. These principles are the things that will help you to improve in your writing skill and become one of the best writers ever.



  1. Read a lot


  1. Take writing classes



  1. Do your research before writing


  1. Read your work out loud



  1. Get better at grammar and spelling


  1. Avoid too much of grammar (write in a plain language)


  1. Test your work


If you are able to practice these principles and use them to write, then you will surely become a very good writer with great articles.

Irrespective of what kind of writing you are into or the topic you want to write on, you need the principles so as to be able to write a reader friendly article or book.

We shall run a brief detailed exyon these principles of becoming a good writer and a better writer.




There is a very popular saying that “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers”

This is among the strategic tips to become a better writer.

What a true meaningful statement.

This means that for you to become a leader in any field or to be at the top or among those at the top, you must be a reader. You must read a lot. This means reading books, inspiring materials and high quality articles by great writers and models that will enable you Excel in the Writing journey.

Now on your own as someone who wants to become a writer, become good at writing or even becoming a better writer, you must read a lot.

Reading a lot here does not mean you reading just any kind of book that you see, it’s far from that. It means reading inspiring books. Books that worth reading. Books that will encourage you more.

Some of the principles that will guide you in this reading a lot are;

  1. Read inspiring books: Not all books are worth reading, you must be selective before reading. First of all consider the name of the book and the table of contents. Read books that will inspire you, educate and motivate you into reality, gaining knowledge, taking an action or making a change.


  1. Read books related to your field: Since you know the field that you want to focus your writing on, then you read books that are related to that field. Read books that will educate and enlighten you more the field you want to write on. You must focus on books by great authors in that field then you can read from other authors.



  1. Read books that are easy to comprehend: Yes for you to be a good writer, you must read books, books that are easy to comprehend. That means books that are easy to understand. Books that give detailed explanations in a simplified language or diction. This will enable you to understand the book and learn the things you observe while reading the book.


  1. Take notes while reading: You don’t expect to become a good writer or a better writer without taking notes while reading. You don’t expect to benefit or learn from the book you are reading without taking down notes on important facts and keywords. You must take notes while reading. Not down relevant points including quotes. This will enable you summarize the ebook easily and learn a lot from the book.



  1. Pick up challenge as you read: As you read a book, you must pick up challenge. Observe the way the writer presents his words and article. In the case of what the writer did, you learn from his actions and strive to take the bold steps he or she took. Try to even do more than the writer, this will enable you combine the writer’s style with your own style and make yours better.


  1. Get meaningful points from the books you read: As you read these books, make sure you get mininful points. Compare the methods employed by the various writers. Identify the similarities in their Writing pattern and not them down. Also pick the different techniques applied by each writer and also jot it down. Then use them to develop your own writing technique in a more attractive and reader- friendly manner.


  1. And follow the pattern of the writers: As you read and observe the above principles while reading in order to become a good writer, make sure that you follow the pattern of the writers. Observe their pattern and follow it. Don’t make your work to be out of track. This will enable you to become a very good writer and to become better at writing.


Remember to always read books by professionals and learn the methods they used, grab the messages that they present and try to employ them in your writing.

The more books you read, the more exposed you will be in content creation. That will enable you write great articles even more than these great authors because you are combining the pattern of different great authors.

Reading as a strategic tips to become a better writer




Being a good writer or becoming better at writing is not as easy as you may think. But yet it is very easy. Anyone can become a good writer as long as he or she is determined to become one.

As part of the strategic tips to become a better writer, for you to become a better writer, you must take Writing classes. These can be physical lectures or online

It can also be in form of online courses on Writing.

Learn from top writers and follow the manner that they use to write.

This part of the strategic tips to become a better writer.




You can’t expect to become a good writer without making research (Consultations).

For you to become a very good writer, this is one of the strategic tips to become a better writer.

You cannot expect to write works that will be appreciated or that will Excel without making research.

Some times you will have to write on topics you know very well, but irrespective of the high level of your knowledge on that topic, you still have to make research.

You make research to compare what other people are saying concerning that topic or issue.

You don’t expect to use your knowledge alone and give a very good work. Although you can give a good point but you actually don’t know what other speakers are saying concerning your topic. But with the help of research you can then know what other speakers are saying and you will be able to write down something superb.

A work that will be perfect as a result of the combination of your ideas and knowledge with that of others too.

Hence this is part of the strategic tips to become a better writer.


On the other hand, you can be asked or made to write on something you have little or no knowledge about. Now, this is where you have to apply this aspect of the strategic tips to become a better writer.

You conduct research. Your research should be both online and offline research in order to meet a standard in your work.

After gathering your reports or answers from different authors or persons in your research, you can now compare and contrast some points.

Check for the similarities with what other writers or persons said and then craft your own point.

Also note, after you have gotten your point from the research, ensure that you change some or most of the aspects to your own words in order to make it unique and superb.

Don’t just copy and paste. This is really one of the strategic tips to become a better writer.


If not we’ll understood, this might actually sound funny, but no it isn’t.

Talking about the strategic tips to become a better writer, you are to read your work out loud after writing your work.

You should read silently or slowly but read it out loud to your hearing.

It will help you to know how your work or article sounds in the ear of your reader and to pick up some grammatical errors or tautology.

This is exactly the reason why reading your work out loud is part of the strategic tips to become a better writer.



Strategic tips to become a better writer: getting better at grammar and spelling.

You cannot expect your work to be appreciated with lots of grammatical errors or wrong spellings.

Now let’s explain this with an example.

Imagine reading out this our article on how to become a better writer and all you could observe is lots or wrong spellings and errors, use of inappropriate adjectives and prepositions in the wrong place.

Imagine reading without the punctuation marks in the right place.

You will definitely find this article boring as a result of the blunders.

Although, an article may not be 100% correct in the aspect of spelling and grammar. Sometimes it might be as a result of your system ( the keyboard) and it’s auto correct.

It can mistake your correct spelling for another word and change it.

But in a summary, you are article should be at least 90% clean and unique.

There should be no errors, but if for one or few reasons an error appears, it should not be little or at the maximum of 5% of your work.

With this little error, your reader will acknowledge the fact that “No one is above mistakes” and sometimes you can make a mistake while writing but you still point to the fact.

This explains the reason why you should get better at grammar and spelling: part of the strategic tips to become a better writer.

To get better at grammar and spelling, you have to read more. Read books and read the works of others to find out new words and grammars.

Always check any word you come across that you don’t know the meaning. Ensure you find out their meaning.

This way you will go far as a result of applying this aspect of the strategic tips to become a better writer.



Nobody wants to appreciate the fact that you are very good at grammar. Neither is anyone interested to know that you use your dictionary while writing by making use of lots of grammar.

strategic tips to become a better writer: Avoid too much of grammar.

Your reader may not be friendly with all these grammars and hence, he will find your work too difficult for him to read.

If you use too much of grammar it may quite reduce your points if it’s in an examination except you are asked to do so.

This is because, using too much of grammar shows that you are not a skilled writer. A skilled writer does not write for his benefit alone.

You must ask yourself, how will this article sound in the ear of my readers.

Imagine after reading a long article like this, only to find out that all read was a load of grammars that you can’t even recall any or comprehend the article you just finished reading.

This is why you need to apply this aspect of the strategic tips to become a better writer. Always use less big grammars in your work.

Always write in simple or plain language that can be understood by everyone listening or reading.


Test your work: strategic tips to become a better writer.

Imagine if after writing this article, we just go ahead to Publish it without testing it. How clean will it be?

Testing your work her is a very crucial last activities involved before Publishing your work.

After writing your work, whether a letter, an article, essay, poem, biography, play or even a news or magazine, you will have to test it before giving it out to the general public as a publication.

Testing your work as part of the strategic tips to become a better writer is not to be done by you alone.

Below is a list of a step by step procedure in testing your work after writing.

  1. Re-read your work twice: This is to avoid some of the grammatical errors or spelling errors as explained above.


  1. Give out your work to a colleague in the same field to cross check. As some one in the same field and in the same level with you, he or she can check the work and also help you add some points to it and make corrections where and when necessary.


  1. Proof read your work. This particular aspect is to be done by an expect or a higher colleague. You should allow an expert to read your work. He will be in a better position to make corrections for you and teach you more to improve.


  1. Allow public review: This means giving out your work to few persons who might not be in the field but who the article relates with. You give them to read and observe how pleasant the article appears to the public. Here you can be able to find out if your article is just a bunch of load on your readers.


  1. Use error checking softwares or application if it is a digital work.


  1. Pray before Publishing.



Having read these strategic tips to become a better writer, you have to improve in your writing skills.

Whether as a business writer or a none business writer, you must improve.

Apply these principles and watch your work grow.

We also have our experts and our software that can help check an article to find out how unique it is and observe all grammatical errors which will be corrected.

Hence, if you need any of these servit, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you.


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All these questions have been well answered in the course of reading this article on the 7 strategic tips to become a better writer


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