Top 10 Small Business Ideas From Home


Work online from home with your smartphone or PC: Small Business ideas from home


Do you know that it is possible for you to work online? Do you know that there is lots of small business ideas from home in the internet now?


A lot of jobs that you can do and make money with it even from your home.

Yes, there are numerous ways to make money online working from your homes. These are all remote jobs; small business ideas from home.

You are in control of everything, you get to set your working hours, days, working pattern, working schedule and nature of work (simplicity).

Even if you are being given a particular specification on a particular budget, you have the sole right to accept or decline the offer unless it suits your demand.

This is just the reason why you need to go online. Then get these small business ideas from home.

Locate jobs that you can do online and make a lot of money from.

Another importance of online jobs; making money online from home is that it has no specific requirement.

There are numerous online jobs that you can pick the one you prefer to start and make money online.

Yes, there is no way you won’t find over five (5) of these online jobs or work from home jobs that fits you and make money online with it.

That’s why we provide you this list of small business ideas from home

Infact as individual, you will find over 10 online jobs that you can work from home and make money online with.

Turn that your smart phone or computer into a money making device. Make it your CV and your job qualifications online now!!


Small Business Ideas At Home

There are many of online jobs to work from home, but in this post we will be discussing the top ten online jobs that you can do remotely and make money with it.

You don’t have to stay broke again knowing that there are lots of small business ideas from home which you can join or start.

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This is not a conjectural list but a confined list of ways of making money in this 21st century beyond the medieval times where there was nothing like the internet.

small business ideas from home
Online jobs work from home


You can now get these small business ideas from home and you can now work from home at your leisure.

All thanks to the internet which has made it easy for anyone and everyone to work from home and get paid.

Also, it has now made it possible for you to do any of these online jobs and make money online using only your mobile phone or computer system.

Another importance of these online jobs is that most of them pay you the same amount of money irrespective of your country.

For example, if you work for a Platform from New York, another person work for the same, Platform from Egypt and another person work for same platform from Pakistan.

Now these three person’s will earn the same amount of money for the same service rendered.

The difference can come in when you convert it to your local currency, that’s if it’s not in your own currency.

But most online jobs earnings are paid in US dollars, pounds, Euros or in your own local currency.

Also check out more from; Lukjayblog

Today some also have alternative payment methods like crypto currency, gift cards, point system, shopping vouchers and so on.


Below is a list of top ten work from home jobs that you can do remotely;






Yes virtual assistant is an online job that you can do remotely. It is a way of earning money online even from home in any part of the world that you are located.

This is one of the remote small business ideas from home

Talking about Virtual Assistant, from the name you should know that as a virtual assistant your work is to assist businesses to carry out administrative tasks while working remotely.

A virtual assistant simply does what people do in the offices and in business organizations but the difference is that he does not need to be in an office for him to work effectively. 

Virtual assistant business
Being a virtual assistant is a remote small business ideas from home

Virtual Assistant job requires communication skills, good time management, creativity and you must be technical in doing things and arranging your messages or write-ups.

Virtual assistant as one of the small business ideas from home does not actually require much tasks as it revolves around what you know.

Some of your tasks include responding to emails, creating and sending invoices to clients, and scheduling meetings. Very simple but lucrative.



You can work as a virtual assistant in different freelancing and virtual assistant job platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and Indeed.

You only need to know the type of administrative services you can render and get trained very well before applying for jobs.


You can get your training online and start working immediately.


This is also one of the small business ideas for teens



Why online tutor?

Yes being an online tutor. Anyone can be an online tutor and can earn huge from it. If you like teaching but hate the stress involved this one is for you.

And if you are already into the teaching aspect or you just like teaching this is also an opportunity for you to explore in your teaching ability.

How to become an online tutor

Now being an online tutor does not require or mandate the fact that you must be a teacher or you must know how to teach.

Even if you have never been a teach or you have never taught in your lifetime, you can still key into this if only you are determined to.


And if you are a teacher, no more leaving your house very early in the morning to go and be shouting stop making noise. Funny right?

What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring means teaching someone online. Yeah, that’s just it! This form of teaching was popular during the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is one of the small business ideas from home

You can stay in your room and teach people from any part of the world.


All you need is your laptop or phone, data connection, and the subject or topic you want to teach.


You can also just teach people how to speak English or how to speak your own language and you will be paid for that.

That is why I said earlier that even if you don’t know how to teach you can still do this particular online job to make money.

That is why it is tagged small business ideas from home

Some popular platforms that you can get online tutoring jobs from are sites such as;

Tutor .com

TeacherOn .com


Just go now and explore; work online, make the money while doing what you love to do best or what you can do at your leisure. If you know can fit in here, do not delay.

Start now!

Start fast!

Start speedily!





As part of small business ideas from home.

Mobile app development or creation is the process of creating mobile applications used in phones.


The apps you are using on your phone were created by Mobile app developers. That is, those that developed the app.


You can key into this business model of developing apps and earning from it but before you go into creating mobile apps you should learn how to write computer programming languages.

Create apps for money
Create apps for money

Luckily for you, you can learn that for free on the internet. Some sites also teach it for free and you can learn from such sites like;




Or you can easily use app builders like AppsGeyser, Appypie, Appcreator and Andromo.


Mobile app development is a lucrative skill and there are many freelancing jobs for app developers online.

You can key into these small business ideas from home.

You can just learn it and get employed to develop and maintain apps in top freelance companies.







Small business ideas from home: Content writing.

If you are creative with your pen and paper, then this job is for you. If you can compose write-ups or you can copy long notes then this for you.

Saying pen and paper does not mean that you will have to use pen and paper as a content writert. No!


It’s either you work with your mobile phone or a computer system.



What is Content Writing?




Content writing is simply the process of writing about a particular topic or niche for promotional or informative purposes. It can be any topic or niche at all.



For example,



Those write-ups you read online when you browse about something is called blog post and it’s a form of content writing.



The ebooks you read, emails, video scripts, social media posts are all forms of content writing.


Any write up at all that can pass out an information or educate is content writing.




Even this one you’re reading now is a content writing. And content writing is done by content writers. The authors of the contents.



Content writing
Content writing and ebook creation

Being a content writer makes you exposed and open to many Writing jobs, yes many!

But the real truth is that you should not be a jack of all trades, master of none.

You have to be specific, narrow down your area of specialization or your writing niche and this will help you Excel as a content writer.



Also, you can decide to be a ghostwriter, blog post writer, or social media post writer. Which ever that you prefer. You just need Consistency.


You can CLICK HERE to learn more about Consistency and how to be consistent in your business.


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There are many content writing jobs online so anyone you choose to focus on will always fetch you money and you can also choose the currency that you want to be paid in.

It’s all your choice.




What is VTU?

The acronym VTU stands for Virtual Top Up. Which is simply Recharge and get paid model.


It is the business of selling airtime and data online. Or to pay some bills like Cable TV subscriptions and electricity bills.

It can also be used to generate pins and swift codes including exam codes, verification codes and so on.


You can also be an airtime supplier to other people. And one if the good things about this business is that it requires little capital to start and you don’t need to have a physical shop.

Yes little capital! Even though it can be offered free in some VTU companies


But you have to sign up with a VTU portal, which is where you’ll buy airtime and data at a very cheaper rate to sell at a higher rate but not up to what service providers inyour country are selling.

You can become a verified VTU agent today both online and offline; it is a very lucrative job because people spend over $1 billion per year in VTU and you can earn part of that money


For instance; If you buy MTN Mobile Telephone Network) 1GB at $150 and sell it for $200 you’ll gain $50 as your profit. And you can offer over 50 VTU services in a day.

For example,

You know that the normal 1GB monthly plan is $200 or $2500.

But people will prefer to buy from you because you’re selling cheaper than MTN, the service provider.

This is how the VTU business works and you can earn handsomely from it.

This is why it’s among the small business ideas from home


You can also use it to boost your savings




Many companies and platforms out there are looking for people who can develop and build landing page for them and they will pay them for their service. Yes many!

Do you know that you can fit into this?

How to start Landing page

Have you ever clicked a link on an advert and it takes you to a page that has more details about the advert or how to make payment?


Now, that is a landing page.


The main purpose of a landing page is to tell people what next to do and that makes it different from a normal website.

Infact every business online needs it, they need landing page. And you can be one and you should be the one to get that job done for them while to take your money.

Building a landing page

Learning and building a landing page is very easy and simple, compared to that of a normal website. That is why you can easily learn it.

Building a landing page
Building a landing page


Another sweet part of learning it is that you don’t even need to learn how to write programming languages because some apps/sites have templates you can use to design an attractive, easy navigation and user friendly landing page.

You just need to learn it and that’s all for you to kick off your journey to financial freedom and success.




Do you know that crypto currency is the current trend now? Do you know that you just have to get into crypto currency.


You must have heard about Bitcoin trading or even done it before but lack of knowledge in the business is why you keep running away from it.


Well, cryptocurrency trading is not all about Bitcoin. It also extends to other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

This includes Bitcoins, Altcoins, Shit coins and NFTs.

There are lots of cryptocurrencies in the crypto block chain that you can learn and trade to make daily profits

Cryptocurrency trading is simply the buying and selling of digital currencies. It digital because it is not a first currency.

You can not see the paper form if it. It just exist on a set block chain and is being store in digital wallet.


These types of currencies cannot be controlled by banks or the government because they are decentralized.

Yes decentralized in that no one is I charge of it and no one can easily manipulate the price to suit his demands.


There are many ways to make money from this skill but you have to learn it very well. Get a mentor who knows what he or she is doing and learn from him or her.


You can also CONTACT US HERE to guide you through.




This is still another make money online job. A job that you can do remotely.

You need to learn and master this skill especially if you are selling anything online.


Talking about Direct Response Marketing,

Direct response marketing is a type of marketing done with the main aim of generating an instant response from your prospects.

It is a marketing strategy aimed at generating immediate response from your prospects, clients or audience.


Digital response Marketing agent
Working as a digital response Marketing agent

The above image briefly explains what direct response marketing is; Create Awareness

These responses can be to make a purchase, alignment, sign up, subscribe, or partake.


One of the importance of learning this skill is that you must not own a product for you to do this job.

You can help other businesses to create marketing campaigns and you are paid for your service.


One importance of learning this skill is that it will enlighten you and broaden your knowledge on how to craft an irresistible offer.

Write clear and compelling content, attractive contents and a direct call-to-action in just one advert.


This is a powerful skill with lots of job opportunities online for those in the field. You too can join and start with it.

Remember, no delay in decision making.







Editing and proof is yet another online job and a great digital skill to make money online with.

And part of this list of small business ideas from home.

Just like the names suggest, it is a process.


You must have read different books.

Do you know that before those books were published that they have passed through different stages before they were published?

Have you ever asked yourself how those books came to be?

Do you think they were just published without passing through stages? Of course not!

All the book that you’ve read and will still read must pass through stages.

And after the Writing of the books they will and must pass through the editing and proofreading stage before they can be published.

And it’s done by people like you of which you can become one of such people. They just learnt it of which you too can learn how to do it.

Edit articles or do proofreading and get paid

What is content editing?

Editing is simply going through a written Content or article and making some corrections and changes to make the content pleasing and attractive to the reader.

It is done to check some errors or mistakes in an article or a content. It checks things like the structure of the sentence and the readability of it.

This is what editing is and what editors do.

What is content proofreading?

While Proofreading on the other hand is the aspect that corrects errors in grammar, wrong spellings, punctuatios and so on.

It may not make any change the article but focuses more on correcting grammatical, speeling, punctuation, and paragraphing errors.


The editor only needs to go through the Writing journey while a proofreader comes in after writing and editing has be done and completed.

Amidst the fact that these skills are not done at the same stage but they can still be done by the same person who can serve as both the editor and the proofreader.


You can find a lot of editing and proofreading jobs in the internet on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and so on.


You only need to learn and start working with CONSISTENCY.


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The internet is just full up with many digital skills and online jobs that you can do. Another of such is Data entry.

It is a skill you can learn and a job for you if you can make good use of your computer keyboard or even your phone keyboard.

If you can type very well, that is just the requirement.


Do you know what Data entry is?


Data entry is the process of typing information mostly from a hard copy into a software application like Microsoft Excel and Google sheets.

Today the Microsoft office softwares are now available in Mobile phones, so you can even do this job with your mobile phone.


Most businesses operate in large numbers and they need someone fast at typing. Someone who can type very fast, that is just the requirement.


Do you know that as a data entry clerk, you must know how to use the computer keyboard with speed and accuracy?

That is just what it takes to work in Data entry or as a data entry clerk.


Sometimes you’ll be given a special type of keyboard to work with, this keyboard can even help you improve your speed.


Payment method for data entry


Payments for many data entry jobs are done per hour and a lot of them are on freelancing platforms.

Some also, are done based on per document typed or on the basis of per page and so on. Or it can also be on a fixed price, daily, weekly or yearly.

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There are many digital skills out there and many online jobs that you can do no matter who your personality is.

You just have to go through the list and pick the one that you prefer, learn and master it and start working on it immediately without delay.


Think well!

Learn now!

Act fast!

And watch yourself grow.

There are lots of small business ideas from home in which you can pick from.

Do you want to know the small business near you? In your location?

Or small business that you can start near you that is profitable?

Then read this article;



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There are many other digital skills, work from home jobs and online jobs that you can learn. CLICK HERE to access them now

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