Are you a business individual or a marketer? Do you have the WhatsApp application on your device? Do you have a WhatsApp account? What do you use your WhatsApp for?

Is it just for chatting, texting and jesting,? If yes then you are not utilizing that messaging application very well.


Have you heard of WhatsApp marketing before?

In this article we are going to reveal to you on how you can make money with that your WhatsApp but you have to understand that WhatsApp marketing is only a tool to generate wealth.


Yes it is!

If you do have the right mental attitude to wealth. It does not matter what you do, you will succeed. You’ll have that midas touch that turns things to gold.


Once you have the right mentality towards money then you can take up the fastest vehicle to get there.


There are many vehicles you can use to build wealth but one of the most potent is WhatsApp marketing


Yes you can make passive income with your WhatsApp. Whatsapp is one of the ways to earn money, sell your products and services and other money making ideas. This is because;


• People find it easy to buy from people on WhatsApp than Websites. Yes because the people on WhatsApp are trusted more than on websites. Because you get to know in person who is selling to you.


• People open WhatsApp first thing in the morning before their emails. Yeah, sure they.


Even before they open their holy book (Bible) and other religious books.


So the open rates of WhatsApp are on a high end.


• The average user Check WhatsApp 23 times a day. This is according to statistics. People always check in for messages and other things.


• Whatsapp is a great and easy place to make money. This is because you can connect with lots of people on WhatsApp.


Even some grandmas and grandpas have WhatsApp installed on their phones which they use every day to forward messages to their families.


• Sales and closing is easier on WhatsApp. Yes very easy, if you learn the process.


• You’re easily noticed when you post. So engagement is easier and faster. This is just a fact about WhatsApp.


• And so much more reasons…


Before even talking about why you should be earning at least 6 figures (100k) from WhatsApp


I’ll like to give you some hints/financial principles that made money consistently on WhatsApp.


I call these hints financial principles that you need to have to earn on Whatsapp.

With these principles and mindset, you’re already on your journey to financial freedom.


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These principles are;




Your Mind is where everything starts from. And that is your mindset.


Your mind is powerful.


If you’ve been following my status on WhatsApp for a while I always talked about feeding your mind with positivity everyday.


It very important that you do this.

Mindset is No_ 1 in anything you want to do.


The first thing I had to do before I started making 6 figures on Whatsapp is to change my mindset.


“If anyone tell me 15 months ago that I can be making 6 figures monthly right from the comfort of my house, I will argue with him”


Yes, I will. Because I won’t believe him.


I mean it!!!!

If you don’t believe you can make six figures in your mind then, it won’t be possible in reality. But you can have that believe now!


The truth of the master is that…


You have to change your MINDSET and say.. “if this girl can do it , I can do better, cause she no get super power o. If this man can do it, I too can do it because we have same one head and one mind functionality.

Let me tell you..


There are people and mentors that earn over 500k per month. You can check that in dollar rate. I’m not even talking about these top business men here.




Per month on this same Whatapp ooo


There are levels to this thing.

Youjust have to build your mindset to that level. It’s not something that will just happen suddenly. You have to build it.

The reason why 1 Million looks big in your eyes is because you haven’t discuss 100 million with your friends. Imagine an individual earning $100 million in a week whereas you earn not more than $1 thousand


Yes, you haven’t.


“Your exposure determines your actions. WhenWhen you stretch your mind, your possibilities also stretches and your income also stretches”


Read that again…..


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The toolset are the tools you use to make money online.


(Keep that in mind)


What are this tools?


1. Your smartphone

2. WhatsApp

3. Internet connection

4. The right Knowledge

5. The right Products

6. The right Skillset


These tools are what I’ve used and I am still using to make money online.

The reality is that you don’t even need a laptop to make money online, with only your smartphone, you can live in financial abundance


Some of you have expensive phones worth thousands of money but these phones aren’t generating money for you.


Ahhh.. So bad.😩


Your phones have become a liability for you instead of an asset.


You have to change that now!!!


Now talking about my smartphone and the price only God knows how much have I generated from it😉

Turn that your smartphone in your hand into an asset rather than a Liability.





You need the right skills to make Money online


Over the past months, I’ve focused on acLiabilit High Income Skills


I am a Copywriter, Information and Affiliate Marketer among others. Only to mention but a few.

This is a digital era and you need these skills for you to Excel in your financial journey and make money online with it.


There are lots of ways you can apply your skills and you can make money online with it. You have have an in-born potential in you that you can use to make money. The choice yours to take the decision now.

You can go and acquire helpful digital skills that can help you make money online. To access these skills and learn them even now CLICK HERE




The intriguing part of my story is that…


All the money I’ve earned online is as a result of the courses and Trainings I’ve taken.


If I haven’t invested in myself, I won’t be where I am today


I’ve taken courses of 2,5,10,15k this year.

Last month, I paid for a mentorship program of 30k. Yes I did.


To improve my earning capacity.


When I buy a course, I make sure I implement what I have learned, test it and then generate at least 10 Times the amount I bought it.

The courses you buy and your mentors is a factor that can help you in WhatsApp marketing.

You need a mentor and role model for you to Excel in this WhatsApp marketing.


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There are lots of mentors out there, though only few can give you the real mentorship. You can CONTACT US to guide you through.





Consistent Habits and actions produces results.


It can be nurtured.


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I have an habit of creating contents daily, marketing and selling.


Everyday I show up.


I show up daily like the suya man in your street, the provision seller next to your house.

You can’t be earning 6 figures monthly and you’re not showing up daily


You can’t enter this business & be going off and on like NEPA.


No no no.


You have to be consistent & do it wholeheartedly.

You have to take it like your life depends on it because it actually does


You need get used to it and enjoy the process, that’s when it becomes an Habit.

My friend……

“We have a special article that explains Consistency As A Business Growth Strategy. A way of making money online and in your business. You can CLICK HERE to access that article now.”



These are the 5 financial principles that I followed consistently that makes me money on WhatsApp_

If you follow this principles, you will Excel in your business and you will make good use of your WhatsApp application as a money making machine.

Don’t dull yourself

Take an action ASAP

As Soon As Possible



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Thank you!!


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