This article teaches you on stupendously making sales by advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Did you know that Advertising your product/service on Facebook/Instagram can make you stupendously RICH? 💵 🚀


Making Sales With Facebook And Instagram Ads
You can greatly use your Facebook and Instagram strategically to drive leads or traffic and make sales online and even offline.


And do you know that Facebook/Instagram is the largest online market to sell your goods and services with ease. You don’t have to use jingles moving on the street or using horn speakers and vehicles to advertise your business.


Did you know that you can even make more sales on Facebook/Instagram than in anywhere else?

According to Kelechi Ogbonna,


Till date


I’m still surprised; that some good numbers of business owners haven’t realised the miracle that Facebook/Instagram ad can do for their business in 2022 and beyond.

Yes they haven’t and that the ignorance of it has been downgrading their sales of their products and services.


Over the years I have been singing about social media ad and its ability to transfer a struggling business to a thriving one


Do not forget in the time past it was impossible for small business owners to advertise


This is because, they couldn’t afford the advertising money.


One needs to be a big brand for one to be able to put their business on newspapers, television, radio and so on.


That means it is almost impossible for a small business to rise. It will likely remain small forever




Today the narrative has changed. No matter how small your business is; you can advertise it to people. Not just people but the right people that have interest in what you are selling.


That is why Facebook/ Instagram ad remains the best till date and cannot be beaten.

And that is why it helps you to be making sales with Advertising on Facebook and Instagram ads

The algorithm allows you to target people based on







And so on


Which is called customer avatar or which can be referred to as buyers personal. This can be determined through psychographic


What this entails is that you can now rob shoulders and compete with the big brands.

The algorithm now always you to Target people based on these factors


Today if a big brand targets the richest people in the most sought after demographics, you too can target the same people using the same method they use being made possible with Facebook/Instagram ads.


What a miracle!!



However, they may get a better result than you because, apparently they spend way more on ad than you do but you will still get a good result.


And you should not forget that Facebook is a pay to play game. What this means is that you don’t expect to get the same result with a brand that spends $2 million on ad monthly When what you do spend is $10,000 or below.


But the guarantee is that two of you are going to get an amazing results. Infact you will get results beyond your imaginations.


Facebook algorithm
A simple instance


Making sales is easy with the help of Facebook and Instagram ads

There are people who started advertising with less than $1,000 and today they are spending $20,000 and above. This is bcause the profit is huge.


Here is another trick that most people do not know and that’s why they don’t advertise.


You are not permitted to sell a product/or service the same price it is sold in the market when running ad


Nooooo, running ads even enable you to increase your price tag and make more sales.

You can’t stop Advertising and expect to make more sales. This is just saving your time at the expense of your business


You have to intelligently deliver the ad that you can add as much money as you want; provided what you are selling works.


For example, watch this illustration below;


Say xyz of stuff goes for $20 in the market


If you run ad


It should be able to rise to say $100 or more


So that after your expenses


You will still have good profit left, say like $60 per unite product.

Isn’tthat surprising and awesome?


Some people will say why will people buy it when its expensive

This is a quote you should get meaning from.


My dear,


There are people with money that can even buy the same product for $500


Only if they can get their eyes on it.

These ads make the product look more real and of a higher quality than the local ones whereas they are of the same quality in reality just a difference in the branding.

The way you skilfully deliver, persuade and hype the product/service on the ad will determine whether you can sell it expensive or not.


Another secret that most people do not know is that if the perceived value outweighs the price; people will buy it any amount. Yes that is just it!


And, it is the story told about the product or service coupled with scarcity that really tells how well it will sell.


This is the reason vendors pay copywriters thousands of dollars to write sales letter that is less than a thousand words.


The simple logic behind it is that nobody is on Facebook one on one to persuade the prospective clients


So, if the creatives and sales letter fail, then the product/service together with the ad has failed.


Not just a motivational quotes but a reality teaching

Alas, no matter the level of your business start advertising with Facebook/Instagram. It will transform your business in few couple of months and make you excess money.

Now let me give you short narrative all the way from Nigeria.


I know of a guy that buys a product from China to Nigeria for roughly speaking $10 ( # 5,000+) and sell it for $100 (#50,000+)


And he is making millions with it

Amazing right? Yes it is.

With Facebook / Instagram ads you can even get more customers and clients if you are into Dropshipping, affiliate marketing or mini importation.

Any kind of skill or business that you are into, consider this an avenue to start generating massive sales.


You see this 2022 Whatever it isthat you sell. Try and run Facebook/instagram ad to it; you won’t regret it l.


If you can’t run the ad learn or pay someone to do it for you. Stop blaming village people for not selling


Anybody that finds what he/she is looking for on Facebook/instagram wouldn’t bother going to the market or amazon. That’s the simple truth.


Like me; I love wrist watches ⌚️ during the Christmas festival I bought 2 different watch for thousands of naira because I saw them on Facebook. That is the picture of how much I love wristwatch.


Normally, I wouldn’t go to the market to buy any new watch because I have a lot of them already.

Making sales by Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is very easy.

Facebook/instagram ad is making people millionaires 24/7


I know

Because I have been advertising for couple of years now


If you want to know whether people are making money running ads. Held over to the ad library and type any keyword of your choice. You will be surprised as to thousands of people running ad on that particular niche


Question is …


If they are not making money will they be running the ads ?


Keep the answer to yourself


Permit me to stop here


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With this, you have seen how profitable Facebook / Instagram ads it.

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If you follow this method, you can be making alot of sales by advertising on Facebook and Instagram ads

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