July 4, 2022
How to make million dollars fast

A step by step guide on How To Make Million Dollars Fast


…even if today is your first time of hearing about the  internet.



Making money in this generation has become easier than the previous generations.

This is as a result of the invention of the internet.

Ever since the internet came into existence, lots of opportunities to make money has come into existence, thereby making it possible to earn million dollars fast.

You don’t have to roam around the street or roam in the internet seeking opportunities as lots of opportunities are there in the internet for you.

In this article we will guide you through how to make million dollars fast irrespective of your location, gender, age or colour.

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How can I make 1 million dollars fast?

The answers are provided in the article below

Is it possible to earn 1 million dollars online?

Earning one million dollars sounds hard and seems impossible. But however with the guidance in this article how to make million dollars fast, you can achieve that quickly.

What are the best way to earn dollars fast?

The best and easiest way to earn dollars online is by selling of products. But you will have to follow the guidelines given in this article

Can I make legit money online?

Yes you can. There are lots of opportunities on how to make legit money online. Lots of them are discussed in our website.

But the easiest way is by selling of products. Following the below given guidelines.

Why should I start selling products online?

Irrespective of your personality or the kind of business you are into, you still need to start selling products online.

Selling products online is very easy, just following the process and steps involved.


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How to make million dollars fast
A step by step guide on How To Make Million Dollars Fast

The simple step by step guide on how to make million dollars fast explained;



If you carefully follow the instructions on this post, you will definitely start making money online fast. And in a short period of time you will start making millions of dollars.

As explained in this article on how to make million dollars fast.

But if after reading this article on how to make million dollars fast and you couldn’tmake it, then your problem is laziness.

But I doubt if you would have been zealous to come this far reading this article if you are the lazy type.

So cheers for coming to this point of this article on how to make million dollars fast.




Are you a student?


Are you Looking for job?


Are you a Seat at home mum or dad?


Are you looking for a side hustle?


Or you lost your job ?


Fine …


If for any reason you fall into the above categories. Then pay close attention because it will expose you to how to literally go from almost zero to making millions by the end of this years.


In this article we will walk you through a step by step guide on how to make million dollars fast

But before I proceed to explain the steps.


I like to say….money is too easy to be made in todays world ethically than any time in human history.


Only in this generation that someone can sleep as a pauper only to wake as a millionaire just by selling one or two things online.


Here is a run down idea of what to do in other to generate millions of naira or thousands of dollars before the year ends.


>>>First… is to have a PRODUCT OR SERVICE to offer


>>>Second…is to sell that product or service with Facebook/Instagram ad


>>>thirdly…is for you to make millions go to the beach 🏖 and chill with the big girls not big boys…you gerit.




The first question you should be asking yourself by now is what skills do I have that I can monetise?




Let’s assume you don’t have any skill or product at all.


Then do this……


  1. Use your phone or laptop to research for a hungry market.


This can be achieved by using the best free tools like .


  1. Google keyboard planner.
  2. Google trend.
  3. Twitter trend.
  4. Facebook group.
  5. Forum ( eg . Nairaland )

After you have done doin the research, you need to be sure that it’s truly a hungry market.




Do further research.


This time around it should be on searching for people who are selling the same/related product or service with ads already.


This can be achieved by using free tools like:


>>>Facebook ad library.


>>>Myadfinder chrome extension


>>> google newsfeed search


>>> Bigspy


>>>By AdEspresso.








Make sure that 80% of the ads has been running for at least 3 weeks that’s shows the advertiser are making money from what they are selling.




It’s not possible to allow ads to be running for 3 weeks without sells and still leave it active.


Now you have idea of what will sell like hot cake.


It’s time for creating the product.


Or sourcing for it.


I recommend creating “ eBook” it is the fastest and easiest to create.


You can do it by myself or pay someone to do it for you.


Here is what to do.


If you are creating the eBook yourself without any prior experience…


Find any  PLR website and download FREE to use eBooks.


There are literally thousands of site like that out there on the internet which you can make use of.


Download books on the niche which you have researched about.


Convert it from pdf to doc.


Then upload them to google doc and then edit the eBooks to make yourself the original owner of it.


After you are done editing convert it back to pdf and download it.


When you are done.


First…Held over to Canva choose eBook template and design your book cover.


Secondly…..go over to smartmockup and convert the design cover to 3D.


After that you can decide the best way to sell your book.


You either lock it on google drive and when people pay you send them the link to download Or use automation.


Which is the best so that you can sell even while at sleep.




Use selar to build you sales page and upload your eBook there that when someone buys automatically they can be able to download it without you being there to send a link.


When you are done with selar.


It’s time to run Facebook/Instagram ad.


>>>first Make sure that the 3D cover can cause pattern interruptions on the Facebook newsfeed and the rest of the placements.


>>>Write a compelling adcopy.


>>>open your Facebook ad manager dashboard and run the ad….. by choosing a conversion objective.


“Don’t forget to “pixel” your selar sales page” Or whichever platform you are using for a better tracking.


>>>wait for the ad to be approved and money will start to drop into you payment gateway account like “FILM TRICK”


Guys this works like magic.




On the second note.


If you don’t want to go through the rigorous work of creating the product yourself, you can outsource it on freelance platforms like:










And so on.


If you follow this system then all you need do is upload the book on selar and run ads to it.


Now, let’s use this simple guide;


>>>Focus on Selling at least 3k unit of the book before the year end


>>>price it $5 to $20


So that if you finally sell 3k (3000) soft copy of the eBook for example;


>> $10 × 3k =  $30,000


>> $5 X 3k = $15,000


And if you end up selling it for $15k


You will have:


>> $15 x 3k= $45,000


>> $20 X 3k Unite = $60,000

Note: $ stands for U.S dollar. So you can convert it to your own currency if you are not using dollar.


Danm …

See money 💴.

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Well, to be able to achieve this goal, you need to develop what is called “positive illusion”

What is positive illusion?

Many people who are new in the industry of trying to learn how to make million dollars fast tend to learn almost all kinds of digital skills.

Many of them want to start selling every product that they see just to ensure that they are always making sales.

Could this actually be a good idea?

Definitely not.

This calls for positive illusion

Positive illusion here is a  situation whereby you have to ignore any other kind of business and focus on selling that one particular eBook till the year ends.

The right question to ask now is, does this strategy work?


Absolutely yesssss!


As a matter of fact;

♟Billion akin Alabi the owner Nairabet made his first money selling ebook and millions selling ebook before he founded nairabet.

This method works like a magic. It has been working before today ooo


Read “The First Humdred Million” __by E. Julius Haldeman.


He wrote the book over 80 years ago after selling one hundred million copies of one of his little book of which has 185 pages.

How was he able to sell such number of books?

It might sound impossible but easier than you could imagine.

He was able to sell that number of books because he discovered what the Americans were hungry to read.

Lesson from there

Discover one too and sell like crazy too.


On that note.


“Go and make money stop complaining”


“Favour and Kelechi”

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Having gotten this knowledge on how to make million dollars fast, the choice is yours to make.

Choose to take an action now, go and look for a product that you can promote and start making your money from there.

We can further assist you on picking a product and the strategy of making sales.

We already have articles that will help you to go further in making millions online.

“Worrying about how you can make your first sales online?

Worry no more

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Writing to make money online

Writing of business plan

Freelancing and affiliate marketing

Doing online jobs work from home

Starting free online business opportunities

Running profitable Facebook and Instagram ads

Use of your WhatsApp status

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