GETTING STARTED AS A FREELANCE WRITER whether you are a pro or new to Freelance writing.

Getting started as a Freelance writer
Getting started as a freelance writer


The internet today has become a source of income for a lot of persons.
About over 20% of the world’s population today are earning online.

Currently in developed nations, over 40% of the working population are going into the digital space.
What does this mean?

This means that you are not to be left behind.

Staying poor, broke or stagnant in your current income is all your fault. It could be as a result of ignorance of what the internet can offer you or as a result of lack of proper and complete knowledge.

It can also be as a result of personal reluctancy and laziness.
Other factors may be included. But in a summary, it’s all your fault.
Get up and utilize the internet today.


Introduction to freelancing
Meaning of freelancing
Importance of freelancing
Most lucrative branch of freelancing
How to make money as a freelancer
What is freelancing?
Who is a freelancer?
Is freelance writing a good job?
Can I make money as a freelance writer?
Requirements for getting started as a freelance writer.
The need for getting started as a freelance writer.
And lots more.

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Have you heard the word freelancing or freelance before?

Knowing the meaning will further help you in getting started as a freelance writer.

According to the English dictionary, the word freelance means;
Someone who sells his services to employees without a long-term contract.

This is one of the best and simple definition of the term “freelance”
In other words, it simply is the business of marketing your skills, selling your skills or displaying your skills to to those in demand of it for a given price.

Getting started as a freelance writer, is a God business idea you should learn if you are yet to learn it.

Now, talking about freelance writing, it is a branch of the numerous skills in free lancing.

And in the article we will be focusing basically on Freelance writing, getting started as a freelance writer.

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Freelance writing is simply writing on specific contracts as agreed upon.
Are you new to the world of freelance writing? Or are you already an established freelancer?

Get in here as we will explain in a plain language, a guide on getting started as a freelance writer.

A freelance writer makes money off their writing skill while working remotely. Although, some of Freelance writers now take it as a full time job.

It’s probably the most common skill in freelancing and still very lucrative. This is because you don’t need any former experience or degree to become a freelance writer.

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With your little knowledge, you can write on the field you are best on. Write for companies or individuals and get paid.
In thishis further explanation, details on getting started as a freelance writer as outlined.

This includes the requirements, the available platforms and how you can earn as a freelance writer.
How so you get started?
Step by step guide on getting started as a freelance writer.

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For you to become a better writer or a good Freelance writer, the first step in getting started as a freelance writer is by getting full knowledge of what Freelance is and what Freelance Writing is.

Without this prior full knowledge, you can’t excel but you will rather wander in lost in the Freelance writing space.

In order to become a good Freelance writers, you will have to take courses, read books to brush up on your writing skills.

You can get both paid and free courses online and offline.

This courses will brush you up on the introduction to freelance and all you need to know about freelancing before you can move on to getting started as a freelance writer.

There are lots of courses on YouTube, on blogs and by top Freelance writers.
You can also Contact Us for our Freelancing course, tutorial and mentorship. We are always ready to teach and to mentor.

Having known this knowledge of freelancing and freelamce writing, you can now move on to getting started as a freelance writer.



You cannot just move in to getting started as a freelance writer without knowing your abilities and the areas you can do better on.

As a freelance writer, you need to know exactly what you will be writing on. It’s important as clients tend to prefer freelancers that have an area of specification.

You can not just stand up to write on any topic or any field at all. That’s quite impossible to become a professional writer.

Therefore you have to niche down.
Note; Niche here means your area of concentration. That is the area and the topics you will be writing on.

When it comes to niching down, you need to know what industry to write on, and the writing mediums.

You can also learn from top freelance writers. And that is why you need a mentor for this.
And our team have good mentor and provision of professionals to teach you and guide you through, simply Contact Us Now!!

Further in finding industries in getting started as a freelance writer.
Typical Industries include:
• Fashion
• Lifestyle
• Insurance
• Technology
• Digital Marketing
• Cryptocurrency
• Sports
• Gaming
• Real estate
• Education
• Travel
• Pets
• Health
• Financial services
• Academics

Those are some of writing niche in freelancing and are the most popular and highly demanded ones.
Writing Mediums include:
• Blog posts
• Web content (Landing pages, About us page e.t.c.)
• White papers
• Ebooks
• Product descriptions and reviews
• Sales emails
• Social media adverts
The above are the most common and popular Writing mediums when planning on getting started as a freelance writer.

When niching down, you should not just rush into choosing any niche that comes into your mind or the one that sounds more simple and will bring more money to you.

It all depends on your skills and how much you choose to charge in most cases where Freelance writers are to negotiate price with their clients or companies.
In order to go into the most suitable niche for you, ask yourself these questions
 What am interested in?
 How much do I know about it?
 Is it in high demand/ profitable?
With these questions well answered by you making thorough research, you can then move on to getting started as a freelance writer.



In getting started as a freelance writer, you need to create a portfolio.

A portfolio is simply a collection of your works. Or put in order words, arranging or displaying your works or skill.
Every freelance writer should have a portfolio as it helps clients to assess your previous writings and judge your expertise.

Almost or all clients or customers will definitely want to see your previous works in order to know your ability and what you can provide judging from your previous works.

Hence, in getting started as a freelance writer, you have to move on to create your own portfolio.
Sites you can use to create a good portfolio
• Facebook
• Instagram
• WordPress
• LinkedIn (profile)
• Fiverr
• Upwork
And any social media platform that is trending at the moment.

This will help you as you plan on getting started as a freelance writer.

Also, you may need to establish your presence online. Definitely this is a necessity if you want to advance and get more customers and companies coming your way.

You can achieve this by creating a blog or writing for free. The latter also known sometimes as Guest posting involves writing for a blog so that you can build your name recognition and presence on the web.

You can also write for blogs and get paid and still use the article to advertise your online presence.
You may ask,

How can I get blogs to write guest post?
A good way of getting blogs to guest post is by searching ( write for us + “niche”) on Google.

Google will now display available blogs you can write on based on the niche you provided. You can now scroll and read until you get your desired blogs and you then move into writing.

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Having completed the above steps in getting started as a freelance writer.
Especially now that you have a good portfolio, you are ready to apply for jobs and you should apply for jobs.

There are lots of means of applying for jobs and you can either do that on popular freelance platforms, on social media or Job boards.
You can equally do that on all these mediums.
Popular freelance platforms
– Upwork
– Fiverr
– Freelancer

Popular Job boards
– Freelance writings den
– Writers weekly
– Indeed

You can look for and apply on social media platforms such as
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• WhatsApp and
• LinkedIn.
Currently, LinkedIn is an amazing place to get high paying gigs once you understand how the platform works. You can get gigs by pitching directly to clients and agencies. It’s a very effective strategy.
You can learn more about LinkedIn.

You can do some search on Google by using the ( “niche” + freelance writer needed). A friend landed his first gig of $25/1000 words this way.
As a beginner who is just getting started as a freelance writer, you can still make more than this.


Do you know that you can make money off your writing?

A thousand shouts of yes to the question.
Yes you can and you will.
You can do this by creating a blog or by writing ebooks you can sell to an audience.

We can also help teach you further. Yu can Contact Us for training on Ebook writing business.

A blog is more of a personal diary. It’s a webpage to record entries of experiences, thoughts and to share knowledge and advice to and with the public.

You can earn through blogging by having an advertisement or affiliate ads on your blog.
Google AdSense,
Google Affiliate,
Amazon associates or
Click Banks
are great examples.

You can also decide to write an ebook and publish them online.
Popular ebook publishing platforms include:

• Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing)
• Smashwords
• Lulu
• Okadabooks
These are the most popular ones


When planning on getting started as a freelance writer, there are some common freelance writing terms that you should know and you have to know.

Below are three most prominent words you should know as some of the terms have been explained above.
Others to know are;

a. Gigs: A freelance job that is available for you. It simply means getting a writing Job. So the gig in freelance writing means job.

b. Ghostwriting – Ghost writing is simply where you get paid to write for someone but your name won’t be on it.

You are the main author of the article but you are paid to write for someone so your name won’t be published on the article.

c. Copywriting – Art of writing contents that prompts customers to take action (sales). It in other words means writing contents or articles especially in form of advertisement aimed at compelling the audience to take an action which will lead to making sales.

IN CONCLUSION; Getting started as a freelance writer


Deciding to getting started as a freelance writer is a very good decision.

However, you have to be serious and deligent in the work. Always try to give good contents that will please your customers and make them to demand your services again.

Also, there are some little tips you are advices to get as you plan on Getting started as a freelance writer. This tips will help you in your journey



1. START SMALL: Discover what you like to write and then get better by practising. Don’t just rush to start earning huge amount of money in your works.

2. KEEP PRACTICING: To be a good writer, you need to keep practicing, write, learn and repeat.

3. CHARGE LITTLE AT START UP: When you are starting newlly as a freelance writer, don’t just plan to start big or start starting huge. No

Check for what your colleagues and competitors in that field are charging and charge lesser. This will help you as you are just getting started as a freelance writer. After about three jobs, you can now decide to increase your charges.

4. DON’T SCARE YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY: As a freelance writing or one who is just Getting started as a freelance writer. Whether you are just getting started as a freelance writer or you are a professional, don’tscare away your customers with your charges.

5. NORMALIZE REJECTIONS: As you already know.or should know, Rejections are part of being a writer. Don’t allow it to get you bogged down, instead take the feedbacks and get better.

When your work or your application is rejected, take it as a form of inspiration and encouragement to do better and improve.

Thanks for reading.
Let us know if this helped

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