Do you know one thing about making sales in a business? Have you ever considered how to make your first sales? Or the easiest way to make your first sales online?

Making your first sales online is very easy. Just try the principles of Facebook and Instagram ads
How to make your first sales online

Making first sale online has been the major problem of many people in the online space today. Some people enter into skills like affiliate marketing but find it difficult to make their first sale. This has been and is still a problem many people face in making their first sale online.

Sometimes, after going through a course on a particular online digital skill and mastering it. Let’s say you are good to go, the next problem is how to make your first sales.

One thing about making sales is that, the first sales matters.

“It is more difficult to make your first sales than to make other subsequent sales of a product or service”

Yes it is!

Finding your first customer or your first sect of patronizers is usually very difficult compared to getting customers and patronizers in subsequent times.

This is why the main work in a business is the starting point. Yes, because it is in this starting point that you will have to introduce, Advertise and compare people to patronize you. And it is usually a very difficult time.

If you ask these big companies and business that you see and hear of today how they started, you will marvel to understand that it was never easy for them. If they tell you their story of how they started before they could be able to make their first sales you will be very surprised to find out that some of them even spent more money on  advertising than the initial money they used in running their business.

As difficult as it may be, they deviced the strategy and explored in their business. Although it is difficult to make your first sales online but with these skills and ways we are going to reveal to you under this single article you will make your first online sales in a giffy. And in subsequent times you will keep making sales that will boost your business, expand and explore with lots of clients, customers and audience coming your way to your business.

The easiest way to rank high or get more sales online is to keep creating contents and Awareness
Always create new updates on your products, sites and articles to get more reach and more sales

Or maybe you are a blogger, you can also use this method to drive traffic to your blog. Yes you can get huge traffic to your blog using these methods that we will reveal to you in this post.

Like earlier stated, irrespective of the business you are into, using this guidelines below you will make your first sales easy.


According to Kelechi Ogbonna,


✅✅The easiest way to make your first money ONLINE  is 👇👇🔥


✅Facebook/Instagram Ad




✅Information Product


And this is just a simple truth and not just a truth but a fact.

For you to make your first sales online you must know this and implement it. Ignorance of this has kept a lot of people in confusion and made them stranded.

Why is it difficult to make your first sales online? And why is making your first money online very paramount in this space, even if it’s just a $1000


The simple truth is, it will give you clarity and the momentum to continue searching


It’s very difficult to be doing online business for months and possibly years without making any money and still have the zeal to continue


You will give up …..


So the antidote is to find the easiest online business model that can help you make your first “MONEY” in other to develop the belief that this thing really works


And two skills that I listed above will help you achieve the result fast than you would not even imagine


I see so many people say they have never made a dime online. So painful and pathetic.


Some of them will even go as far as saying all this online stuff don’t work and that people are just being deceived


Like seriously 😒


Are you kidding me ?

Just a mentality is totally wrong.


See making money online is as real as selling something in your physical shops. Not a hyperbolic statement but a true fact.


Have you ever seen someone who is selling provision and they have never sold anything in their shop ?


No naaaa




Because people are always in need of what they are selling every single day ….PERIOD


“You also need to read this; PRINCIPLES OF WHATSAPP MARKETING”

Now here is what you should do;


  1. ✅ create info product it could be eBook or video….


Advertise your business online to makeore sales easily using Facebook ads and INSTAGRAM ads

Create Awareness. Make your products and services known to the world using strategic methods of Facebook and Instagram ads

Creating an informational product will help you in your journey of making sales online.

There are other info products but this two is ok and the most easiest to create and selling amongst them remains those two.


You don’t even need much skill to get this done.


If you can’t do it on your own, then outsource someone to do it for you on ( you can find people on freelancing platforms like;  fiverr, peopleperhour, upwork and so on )


When you have created the video or ebook. Lock in it in your google doc. So that anybody that buys you will give the person access download.

The first time I made my first  sale of #1,000 online I knew I will never be poor again”


Akin Alabi .. founder nairabet

( to me nairabet that is bringing in billions annually is indirectly as the product of eBook ).


If you want to receive money online then use selar, Paystack or flutterwave

You must not be a Dallas to make sales online. Learn Facebook and Instagram ads
You don’t have to be a Dallas to earn online or make your first sales online. You just have to learn your Facebook and Instagram ads very well and use it to make your first sales online

💥Use Canva for the product graphics, and then model it like a professional with SMARTMOCKUP website


💥 attach 2 to 3 irresistible offer to that info product and it will sell like hot cake 🍰

If you are able to utilize this, it’s already your first step to making sales.



  1. ✅ learn how to run Facebook/Instagram ad


Facebook is the top social media platform on the internet today. Almost every individual at the age of 8 and above are on Facebook. Some even have multiple Facebook accounts.

So also Instagram, but Instagram is fully more of business class personels that is why you need to learn this skill.


If you learn this method very well  I can assure you you are half way to making your first money online.


Then drive traffics to it


I recommend you run the ad to your WhatsApp or Facebook messenger (set up chat bolt to it)


The good thing is even if you are not able to create the digital product


You can meet one or two persons and explain to them how you can help them make xyz sales with online advertising


Believe you me if you try this above method well enough, you will start make money without creating any digital product.


That’s exactly how I made my first money before venturing into info product.


“you also need to read this; PRINCIPLES OF WHATSAPP MARKETING”

Advertising has being a great blessing to me and to all the big companies and business men out there and on the internet.


Meanwhile, before you do this business of creating info product make sure to embark on extensive research, then create your informative product.

NOTE; You can also Advertise with WhatsApp rich Marketing Strategy. Read more…..

  1. use google keyword planner



You can use Google keyword planner to know how many people are searching for a specific product every single month.


Say for instance “7 secret to overcome divorce”


The high the volume of search the better.

Yiu can get a list of related articles, then you choose the ones with higher search volumes or medium to get more readers.


  1. ✅ use Facebook ad library and myadfinder chrome extension


You can use Facebook ad library and myadfinder chrome extension to SPY on the kind of ads that other people are running.


Myadfinder will remove all the post on your Facebook news feed and only ads will left

Also read;


From there you can see exactly what other people are really doing


So you can steal like an artist


Don’t copy what they are doing , just use it to gain insight of what people are really interested on.


If you apply the above simple method, you are assured of making your first sales online and making your regular sales.

“You also read this article fully before starting any business journey; FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE STARTING A BUSINESS”


Go and win


I hope you got value…..?

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Cheers 🥂

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