In this article we have summed the 7 shocking reasons why people do not succeed in online business

Do you know that there are things that has been hindering a lot of people from succeeding in online business? And with these reasons you will not also succeed in any online business.

Have you ever asked yourself if you will succeed in any online business? Or have you ever wondered why people find it difficult to succeed in online business especially at the start up stage?


We are in a digital age and this age, everyone wants to be heard and seen out there. No one wants to be left lagging behind. Everyone wants to move when others are move and pause when others are pausing. No one wants to be the left out one. That is the age we are in. Of course you would not like to be left lagging behind when others are moving and pushing forward to achieve their desires.


Today internet marketing nd online business is one of the fastest growing and profitable business. Anyone at all can just get and enter into the online marketing or online business industry within few hours. Sometimes it sounds like an easy way to make money and live big.


Today online business has been made easy and popular as anyone can easily partake in it whether old or young, white or black.


Today someone can just wake up one morning, pick up his phone or computer, enter into the internet and join one online business he wishes without any specific delay.

Today, online business has been made easy and profitable compared to offline business. Not much investments are required in it compared to the offline business. Anyone can get up and start making profits in the online space.

But truth be told, even though people earn over $1000 profits daily, there are still over hundreds of people who make upto $1000 losses everyday thereby resulting to going down or even shutting down their business totally.


Before entering into any online business idea at all, there are a lot of factors which must be considered in order to avoid stopping halfway or fail in business.


Can and can't
Your declaration can determine how far  you will go in your business


Have you ever wondered why people fail in online business? Or have you ever wondered why people say that online business is not for everyone?

Hell, wrong!

Online business is for everyone as long as you are really interested and ready. There is always a space and a vacuum in the online space that is meant for you and that only you can fill.

In this article we will be discussing why people fail or do not succeed in online business and reasons why you will not succeed in online business. At the end we will give a brief remedy for it.

Read to the end.


It’s a new year and everybody is shouting; learn an online skill, start a business online, even me 😀.


But the truth is that even if you fast and pray, and still hold onto the 3 habits I’m about to share with you now. Then you won’t succeed online!

Now these are the reasons why people do not succeed in online business.

“Read carefully so that you can also avoid or correct on your path these 7 reasons why people do not succeed in online business”



Yeah, fear of taking risk is a major problem that is causing failure in online business. Once you are afraid of taking the risk involved in a business, then you won’t succeed at all for any reason.


Fear and risk is a great business killer
The greatest opportunities in life come with fear and risk. You either risk pursuing after them or taking the greatest risk of leaving the pursuit.


Many people are just failing and falling in online business because of their fear for taking risk.

Imagine when someone says invest 10k and get 30k in 1 hour time. You will be very much interested to rush into it seeing that you get to gain your profit immediately without fear of failing on the wayside. But to your surprise, you are frauded (scammed) as the fraudsters end up eating up your money. How would you expect to get 200% of your capital easily even in a week talk more of getting 200% in an hour.

But when they hear, about affiliate program where you can register for just $500, they are afraid because they don’t want to risk their money and spend all their time looking for customers and clients.


We fear taking the risk, but we should actually fear the regret we'll have if we don't.
Well said; don’t be afraid of taking the risk. But rather fear the regret that you will have if you don’t take the risk


The fear for risk is the first step of failure in the online business world.

No wonder Mr. Mohammed Ali once said that;

“ those who are not courageous to take risk will achieve nothing in life”

And that is just the simple truth.

The earlier you prepare to take the risk, the better for you. Remember even life itself is also a risk, and failing to take the risk is the deadliest risk.

So change that mindset and be ready to take the risks of life and push forward.

Yes you can!!





Yes, failure to plan is another factor that has led to the fall of many online business. People just hear about the trading online business and how others are earning huge from it and they decide to start it too without even planning.


Or they just see one online business as easier than the other and then decide to join without planning very well for it.

He who fails to plan is planning to fail
If you fail to plan very well before venturing into any business idea at all, that means you have automatically planned to fail.


Irrespective of the kind of business that you are running you need a business plan. A plan with well defined goals and aims.

Identify your goals and the steps that you need to take in order to achieve those goals. That is just it.


Inexperienced management and poor planning has killed alot of business
Many business today have failed as a result of their failure to plan


And lack of business plan has made many online business to fail and will still make you to fail in online business.


Lack of business plan and failure to work on the plan is a great business killer today.






Do you think you can be a successful web designer without knowing how to design a website or even having full knowledge of what web design is all about? Of course no!


It isn’t possible that way. For you to be able to work as a web designer, you must learn the course, web design. Master it and start doing practicals to ensure you do jobs that people will like. That’s the only way.


Now follow the illustration above, some people just enter into an online business without even having the basic or even full knowledge of the business you are entering into.

Why small businesses fail as a result of lack of knowledge
Lack of knowledge has killed and is still killing alot of business online

Just as understanding a question is the first step to getting the correct answer. So also it is in online business. Understanding the business is the only way that you can Excel in that field.


Understanding a business is what gives you the chance to perform well and succeed in the business.

Unfortunately this has caused failure in many online business and can still hinder you from succeeding.


So the only remedy is that you must take enough time to study the business and learn about it very well before entering into it.

I remember the first time I wanted to be a blogger. It wasn’t easy though, I spent a year learning the process just to make sure I don’t quit on the way. And here am I with my blog live’ to the whole world. Offering values to people all over the world with great joy in my heart.

Get to understand the business you intend to join and watch it flourish in your hand.



Till date, this is bringing down many online business in the world. Even in the US and UK, businnesses are still falling as a result of this.

Unfortunately, having such broke mentality is the worst enemy to any online business. It is the key reason people will not succeed in online business.

It is even better you go broke currently just to acquire an asset that will yield you money and passive income than you having money in your bank account with no plans of more money for future expenses. What the hell!!

People with broke mentality usually go for less things and you know that less things have lesser values.

These people complain Consistently, always afraid to invest, never ready to learn and are always yearning to earn big while spending less.

Avoid broke mentality
Exactly as it is in reality


Now let me give this little illustration;


You’ve vowed never to pay anyone to teach you a skill because Google and YouTube are there for you.




Even though you can learn these skills for free, you need to start paying mentors and coaches.


Don’t see it like you’re enriching the person, but as a way to cut the long journey short.

Some of this free stuff online will still ask you to pay for a masterclass because some questions will only get answered through real-life trial and error.


Broke mentality: Shocking reason people do not succeed in online business
Avoid broke mentality. This is a simple clear picture of the difference between someone with a broke mentality and one with a rich mentality



Learn to use money to chase money.

Don’t always complain that you are broke. Invest in your business. Of course there must be losses especially at the start up stage but once you strive higher, you will definitely Excel and chill with the big boys and big men in the industry.




The mindset of many people has led to their failure in online business. Remember all actions taken were first imagined in the mind before being displayed. Until you decide to change your mindset, you will never make it online.


People have so many wrong mindset in online business and that is a backward motion.


Wrong mindset; Shocking reason why people do not succeed in online business
Your mindset is a very big determinant of whether or not you will succeed in online business.
So get a positive mindset and attitude.


Some of these mindset are;

• They believe that every online business is a scam

If you’re someone who believes that every online business is a scam – Please go back to your offline business.

• They see online business as read and get paid

If you see online skills as “read & get paid” or “bring 2 people” – Please stop following my 30-day series on digital skills.


• They see online business as a get-rich-quick scheme

If you think you’ll start today and cash out tomorrow – Please there’s no space for you online.


If you have any of these misconceptions about online business then you need to rewire your mindset.

You must change your mindset towards online business if you really wants to succeed.

You can’twin over night. You must first of all work very hard with Consistency before you can begin to start looking for big money and looking forward to chill with the big boys or the big men out there.



Yes, today laziness has really bring down most online business today. You cannot expect to make it big while you are lazy and not ready to put in more work in your efforts to grow your business.


Like I said earlier, you must not expect online business to be a get rich scheme. For you to succeed online, you must be ready to dance to the tunes of the demands of the business.

And this tunes says no to laziness

Most times we bloggers don’t sleep at night just to make sure that we come up with an article that is going to satisfy our readers and add value to them. This is because if our articles aren’t satisfying you, then you wouldn’t care to visit our site again.

Same thing applies to Affiliate Marketing and all online business. You must say no to laziness for you to be able to succeed.

Laziness; A shocking reason why people do not succeed in online business
Laziness; A shocking reason people do not succeed in online business


Now let me give a simple instance,

If you see the way yahoo boys hustle, you’ll reduce how you sleep and start learning your skill.


Most of you started because your friend $1million from selling online. Now you think the same thing will happen to you.


Well, I have good news and bad news for you.


The good news is that it will happen to you and the bad news is that you will have to work for it.


Just like a normal business, you need to build it before you start getting certain results.



Online business is the simplest business idea to start. But you must be ready to pay the sacrifice just like any other thing you do on Earth.





Do you know this?

Most people have failed in online business because they fail to read and adhere to instructions.

Infact many people don’t like reading online (especially African Countries and Parts of Asians). They don’t like reading books especially online, and the worst part of it all is that they find it difficult to read instructions from the beginning to the end in order to be able to understand. They just find it boring and dull

This is a great challenge and a great business killer in online business. All businnesses have guiding principles and instructions. And the earlier you read, understand them, the better for you. You just have to ensure that you go through instructions before embarking on any online business.

Even graduates have lost job opportunities as a result of lack of reading and adhering to simple instructions.

Always read and adhere to instructions


For example;


Do not speak too much grammar here, just speech more of plain and basic English.

But some of them will want to show that they went to the university by blowing up long grammatical wordings as a result of not reading instructions.

Adhere to instructions to avoid the mistake of the reasons why people do not succeed in online business
Read that again and again until you get the message clearly


Every business has instructions and lack of reading and adhering to these instructions has made most of them to fail and fall out.

If you refuse to read instructions and adhere to them, then you are also ready to fail in online business.

But reading and adhering to instructions will enable you to succeed and Excel in your online business.

Sometimes some people can be actually doing what they think is the right thing but unfortunately, according to the instructions and principles of the business they are doing the wrong thing which will greatly affect them and their business.





The above listed reasons are the top 7 reasons why people fail in online business and why you are likely not to succeed in any online business. They have killed a lot of businnesses and are still killing more. The only way for you to succeed in online business is to avoid these business killers and be consistent in your business. Follow instructions, invest in your business.

Invest both your time, your skills and resources in your business. Always be ready to learn more, put more effort in your business and watch it flourish and grow.

You can avoid this 7 shocking reasons why people do not succeed in online business

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“Remember, before reaping comes sowing and the labour’s involved.”

“And also, whatsoever a man does, that shall he also reap.”

Follow this principles of sowing and reaping and you will succeed in your online businesses just as others are succeeding.

Note this; All online businnesses that are succeeding are following these principles and avoiding this seven business killers.


There’s enough money for everyone online but you have to believe it, work it and mentors are the best shortcut to get there.

You can also reach out to us for mentorship and guidance in any online business you want to enter into. CONTACT US



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