30 small business near me that you can start to make money. This ideas are not Limited to a particular group of people or country.

Have you been searching for any of these questions?

What are small business near me?

How to find small business near me?

Is there any small business near me?

What small businesses make a lot of money?

Which companies are in high demand 2021?

What business can I start to make money fast?

Which small business are in demand?

What are the most successful small business ideas?

Which business can I start with no money?

What are the top 10 small business near me to start?

What are the unique business ideas?

You just arrived at the right place as all of these questions will be attended to in this post and others.

you know one of the greatest desires of people?

Maybe you think that you are not just good at any business idea at all or you don’t have the funds to start up a business on your own.

“Pick any one from our list of 30 small business near me that you can start to make money”

We will help you by introducing you to 30 smalle business near me you can start to make money.

Irrespective of your location, you will definitely find the perfect match for you, pick it and start your business journey, make profits and expand as you grow.

It’s true that knowing the kind of business idea that will fit you is nit easy but going through this list will expose you to a large number of small  business near me of which two or more will fit you.

Or, are you unable to start your own business as a result of funds? Or is it as a result of your location?

Don’t worry as our list will expose you to a wide range of smallest business you can start to make money with low start up capital for financing the business.

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Small Business Near Me
30 smallest business near me you can start to make money


In this list, we will explain

30 small business near me

best business to start with little money from home

low-cost business ideas with high profit 2021

small business ideas from home

profitable home business ideas

low-cost business ideas with high profit

low-cost business ideas with high profit 2022

most successful small business ideas

unique business ideas

buy and sell

top most successful businesses to start

start a business

And with these some of these business you can also work for platforms like

Pro blogger



And so on

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This is one of the 30 small business near me that you can start to make money

Freelancing; a small business idea that you can start to make money
Freelancing: One of the 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money irrespective of your location or gender

Freelancing is a very good business idea you can start. You can sign up with free sites to perform your freelancing services.

It is a small business near me, if this is your query.

There are also paid membership you can join and make you registration fee back in few days.

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Are you good in doing a particular thing? Is there any activity that you can easily teach someone or a group of people?

Whether it is just how to eat in the public, how to eat mango, how to talk to the opposite sex, how to compose a lie, how to tie a head tie, how to handle a fork, or any other life style or behavior.

Personal trainer; a small money making business idea
You can make money as a personal trainer: one of the 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money

You can work as a personal trainer and make money.

Don’t bother searching again for small business near me

You can easily sell your service on Tiktok where you will be able to connect with a large audience at a time.




Are you good in seeing, fashion and design or even amendment of clothes?

If your answer is yes to any of these, then you can start up this business idea.

All you need is just a sewing machine to stay small.

You can buy a new one or you can easily buy a fairly used one. Start up small and when you make money you keep on upgrading.

Sewing ( fashion and designs )
30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money : sewing / fashion and designs

You can even start as a road side tailor, make attachment or rent a small shop. Then once money starts flowing you, you keep upgrading and getting more equipments.



Becoming a handyman is a small business idea you can earn with
30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money
4. Handyman

Today, the service of a handy man is highly needed. It is highly demanded today.


Are you always fixing things around the house? You can create a website, conduct a competitive analysis to determine what your time and expertise are worth, and turn to the friends you’ve helped before for referrals.




Are you good in repairing furnitures. Do you normally amend small broken furnitures in the home? Or you can construct little furnitures.

If yes, then consider becoming a wood worker and earn money from it .

Wood worker business
As long as you have idea on repairing or amending any wood related stuff, you can become a wood worker: one of 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money

If you have a passion for crafting beautiful furniture or other home goods out of wood, that could be a small business niche for you.

You can get started by listing a few of your pieces on sites like Etsy and you can then start a website, expanding to refinishing work and upholstery or accepting custom orders.




If you are very good in writing resumes, then this is a business you should consider going to.

Creating a resume, cover letter, and — when necessary — portfolio for a new job can be tough and time consuming for a lot of people and that is the reason why many people hire help.

Resume writer. A good small business idea
Get Paid as a resume writer: one of the 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money.
Becoming one is a good business as you have alot of employment chances

You can do this for your clients and charge them good amount of money.




Are you good at cleaning the house? Or are you good at cleaning an environment or arranging things to be clean?

Then you can consider going into cleaning service.

You can start up a cleaning service and make cool money from it.
Cleaning service is one of the 30 small business near me that you can start to make money

As a cleaning service personel, you get to charge your customer either per hour or per space to be cleaned.

Currently here in US (America), cleaning some services charge up to $100 per hour cleaning. Imagine how much you can make cleaning for six (6) hours per day.



Are you good in any particular career or field of study?

If yes, then consider becoming a career coach.

Career coach: learning, training and coaching
From the 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money
Consider becoming an online coach if you possess the qualifications.
Coach scholars on a particular career that you are into

You can coach people, train people or mentor people and get paid as a life Coach or a career coach.

Many people today are looking for experts or people who are higher than them to coach them.

You can easily find these people and coach them and get paid in return.




Are you good at translating?

Or can you speak a foreign language?

If yes, then consider starting a translation service.

You can specialize in a specific genre of translation, like medical or financial translation, as you might be able to fill a niche need in your community.




Are you a traveller?

Or are you good in map drawing?

Can you give directions or travel guidelines.

Travellers and tourist now wants to know everything about their journey and a little idea of the place they are going to.

You can help them plan their journey for a safe and smooth trip and get paid in return.

You can read about this tips whwhen you find your dream homeý

“Outside these listed small business  near me, that you can start to make money,

You can also check out post for online jobs that you can do from home and anywhere.

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Are you good in videoing or video coverage?

Or are you good in editing videos?

If yes, then this is a very lucrative small business that you can start.

You only need to get your equipmennts and start . You might not even own a shop,you can work from home.

Attend events, parties, and so on and video them, later you can edit it and get paid.

You can also do video coverage.




You can also own an online shop. An Ecommerce store. Here you can display and sell goods online.

One of the importance of Ecommerce business is that you don’t need to buy any product or produce any product for you to own your own Ecommerce store.


Ecommerce store
30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money.
Ecommerce store

You will just display other people’s products, sell them and make your money.

You can own an Ecommerce store like the popular Ecommerce stores such as eBay, Amazon, Jumia and so on.




Web design and web development are two different terms but can be done by one person.


If you are good at coding or not but you can easily do drag and drop to edit a website, then you can consider web design.


Website owners always update their site look as a result of the steady change in features of websites.

So you can always find a lot of clients to work for.

A very popular Platform where you can work as a web designer is Fiverr



Are you a traveller? Or are you good in drawing maps?

Or maybe you can describe the road to your current community or country or town.

If your answer is yes to any of these, then you should consider entering into the business of selling travel guides and maps.

You can write short description on the journey or the road and sell to travellers or tourists.

You can also draw little maps and sell to travellers and tourists.

This is a small business that you can start with little or no capital at all.




Interior design is another small business idea you can start.

Just like the landscape design — there are many people who have the ability to buy the furniture and home décor they need to fill their rooms, but few who know where to start.

Maybe you have this skill or talent, then you can consider starting up interior design business or become an interior designer.

Although it might take some time to build a portfolio, but documenting your projects and sharing them online can build a fanbase beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.




Are you good in making craft? Whether wood crafts, paper crafts of any form.

You can consider this business if you are good.

Many homes are looking for beautiful craft works to decorate their homes and offices too are also doing same.

You can start making craft and selling.




What field of study are you good at?

Which occupation do you have good knowledge of? Or What exactly are you good at in life?

You can be a Consultant, people will come to you for consultations on issues that you good at.

Also, you can establish a consultancy agency.




Affiliate Marketing is one of the trending business worldwide.

One importance of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to own a product and it’s not necessary to own a shop.

Affiliate Marketing just requires you promoting other people’s product and getting commissions on each sale.

There are many affiliate marketing platforms that you can join, some require membership fee while some are free. You can, start promoting their products and get paid.



People make use of the internet everyday. And this costs them a lot of data.

Some countries estimate over a billion expenses on data every year.

No wonder banks are now into selling of data. You can join this data reselling.

You can buy data at a very cheaper price than that of the network providers and sell in a normal price to make your profit.




Are you good in writing books or not?

You can still join the Ebook business. Write books and publish them on popular sites like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing with a price tag and get money from every download of the book.

You can make money by writing about Backgrounder

You can also publish other people’s book on Amazon KDP and make money from it.

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Do you speak a foreign language? Or can you speak more than one language?

If yes, then start a translation service. You can specialize in a specific genre of translation,

like medical or financial translation, as you might be able to fill a niche need in your community or country.

Translate online and offline and get paid.




If you can organize meetings, parties and occasions. Either big or small. Then become an event planner.

Get clients to plan their events such as birthday, wedding, feast, anniversary, Thanksgiving and so on.

You get paid hugely for planning of events as an event planner.



Many parents who are working in organization or companies or on their own business find it difficult to take care of their little child as a result of their work.

You can sonsider starting up a child daycare, charge the parents either daily, weekly or monthly as bests suits you and the best for you.

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You already know how people love taking coffee.


You can open a coffee shop in a little portion, sell coffee to people and make money.

This is a very profitable business especially in public places and crowded places like parks, bus stops, market, busy roads, church or mosque and other busy places.



Are you good in training or grooming dogs.

If you are good in it, then you can become a dog worker, trainer or groomer.

It is one of the smallest business you can start and make money from it.




You can as well become a professional organizer, taking it as a business.

The services of a professional organizer is highly needed and demanded especially in this part of the world.

Hence, you can become one. You can even open a small office where clients will be able to meet and I teract wit you.




Becoming a make-up artist isno longer a business for the women or young ladies only. Even the males can now work as a make-up artist.

Make up artist
Make up artist

It is a good business idea as people are always after the pursuit of looking beautiful and clean always.

You can become a make-up artist and make your money from it.





Are you good in editing short clips or long videos? You can become a video editor. Edit already made videos and make money from it.

You can work on your own or you can still join the video making industry.




Technology and the internet has made everything easy including learning. Most people prefer learning online.


This is because of how it reduces inconvenience and stress.

You can stay in your room and learn, you can also stay on your bed and teach.

You can work as an online teacher, organize classes with your students online and teach.




Road side seller
From 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money:
You can sell your goods and services on the road side in respect to the rules of your country

Outside the above mentioned small business ideas. Another simple or smallest business you can start to make money is road side retailing.

You can sell goods or little items on the road side.

It can be at parks, major roads,bus stops, markets, museums, hotels and so on. You can sell and make money

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Small Business near me

Small business ideas near me, you can start are numerous and are not Limited to this list alone but this is a list of smallest business you can start to make money.

Actually, these businesses requires little (low) or no (zero) capital to start.

So you can just pick the most convenient one for you from the above 30 smallest business ideas you can start to make money, make some research on it and kick start your business journey.

As you make sales and grow you can keep upgrading.


‎Having chosen one of these businesses, your next challenge will be how to make sales and increase sales. Click the links below to read the articles for more details;

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